Casting methods

Continuous casting

Continuous casting of hollow bars, round and shaped rods represents the latest development in casting technology.

The surface quality and dimensional accuracy of cast pieces are very good. There is hardly any need for machining.

Our continuous casting rod diameter is ø 13.… ø 230 mm. We can supply castings up to 14 metres in length.

The crystalline structure of continuous casting is dense and homogeneous. The density of continuous cast gun metal is 8.8 kg/dm3, while the density of sand cast gun metal is 8.5 kg/ dm3.


Centrifugal casting

Centrifugal casting is achieved by means of a revolving steel mould. Due to the centrifugal force, the casting has a dense, homogeneous crystalline structure.

Centrifugal casting takes place either vertically or horizontally. This method is suitable for rotational parts such as hollow bars, rings, flanges etc. This method is not suitable for round rods.

We cast diameters from ø 180 …. ø 650 mm as horizontal casting. Larger castings are made vertically. The standard lengths of horizontal castings are 500 mm and 1700 mm. The maximum weight is 2500 kg.

The largest vertical casting diameter is ø2400 mm, and the maximum weight is 2500 kg.


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