In corrosion susceptible parts of paper machines, in semiheavily loaded bushings used in general machine building, in cylinder lining bushings, in propeller shaft casings of ships, in seat inserts and in slowly rotating spiral and toothed rims with small surface stress.

In sliding bearings of earth moving machinery and in sliding bearings, which are slightly more loaded than PROMET 5.

In sliding bearings when load peaks rise up to 50 N/mm2, in propeller shaft casings of ships, sliding panels and rails, worm wheels and tension nuts.

In fast operating spiral and tooth rims that allow impact stress, in armatures, pump cases, pump impellers, etc.

PROMET 12 is most suitable for quickly rotating and demanding spiral and toothed rims. Loading base value for continuously loaded centrifugal and continuous cast spiral rims is C="2...12,5" N/mm2 .For temporary loading according to sliding speed the value is C="40...45" N/mm2. PROMET 12 is suitable for use as a sliding bearing especially when bearings must endure impact-like loading peaks (120 N/mm2), like in crankshaft- and toggle link bearings. It can also be used as sliding rails, in fast moving tension nuts under heavy load, in feed screw nuts of machine tools, cylinder bushings, ratchet- and guide bushings of rock drill machines, friction wheels, brake discs, couplings, etc.

In sliding bearings under great surface pressures like bushings of peeling drums, calander bearings, vehicle bearings, earth moving machine bearings, bearings of gudgeon pin and crosshead blocks, turbine rotor bearings, paper rolling machine bearings, suction roll bushings, telescope pipe guide bushings, connecting rod bearings, jaw crusher bearings, hot roller bearings, etc.

For heavy surface pressure sliding bearings with edge pressure. Endures temporary lack of lubrication material for a short time. Suitable for use as bearings of big earth moving machines, as piston-pin bushings in big ship diesel engines and as sliding rings of the piston, in mixers, mill equipment and water pump bearings, rotating drum bearings and in stretching machine bearings without white metal lining.

For use in bearings of big, rotating reel ovens like pulp burning and cement ovens. For use in bearings of the heaviest earth moving machines, in insufficiently lubricated or water lubricated bearings in barking plant conveyors and similar. It can also be used in bearings where white metals were used earlier. PROMET 420 endures about 100 degrees higher temperature than white metal. It is also used in fixtures that are resistant to corrosion.

Durable acid proof equipment and fixtures in chemical and nutrient industry and ship building, mine pumps, propellers, bushings, seats of valves and valve gears of combustion engines.

For use in machine parts in chemical-, nutrient-, oil and mountain industry and in ship building, propellers, spiral and toothed rims, fixtures of overheated steam, sliding panels and screws.

PROMET Ms264, brass, PROMET 5750, special brass, PROMET 5760, special brass, PROMET 5775, special brass, PROMET NiAp 410, aluminium bronze

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