PROMET 12, tin bronze

PROMET 12, tin bronze EN 1982-CuSn12-C-GC/GZ,

Tough, resistant to wear and tear and sea water, good sliding properties. Replaces tin bronze 14 sand cast. PROMET 12 has the best endurance and sliding properties of all tin bronzes.

PROMET 12 is most suitable for quickly rotating and demanding spiral and toothed rims. Loading base value for continuously loaded centrifugal and continuous cast spiral rims is C="2...12,5" N/mm2 .For temporary loading according to sliding speed the value is C="40...45" N/mm2. PROMET 12 is suitable for use as a sliding bearing especially when bearings must endure impact-like loading peaks (120 N/mm2), like in crankshaft- and toggle link bearings. It can also be used as sliding rails, in fast moving tension nuts under heavy load, in feed screw nuts of machine tools, cylinder bushings, ratchet- and guide bushings of rock drill machines, friction wheels, brake discs, couplings, etc.

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