PROMET 5, gun metal

PROMET 5, gun metal EN 1982-CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C-GC/GZ , Rg5

A suitable sliding bearing metal for general use. Resistant to wear and tear, good sliding properties. It adapts to edge pressure better than tin bronzes but not as well as PROMET 420. Emergency lubrication properties are satisfactory. Average surface pressure may rise in a hydrodynamically lubricated bearing, where is not edge pressure to 25 . . . 46 N/mm2. PROMET 5 is resistant to sea water and corrosion in general and that is why it is the most economic sliding bearing material.

In corrosion susceptible parts of paper machines, in semiheavily loaded bushings used in general machine building, in cylinder lining bushings, in propeller shaft casings of ships, in seat inserts and in slowly rotating spiral and toothed rims with small surface stress.

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