PROMET 12, tin bronze

PROMET 12, Tin bronze: EN 1982: CuSn12-C (CC483K) (TP12)

Tough, resistant to wear and tear and sea water, good sliding properties. CuSn12-C has the best endurance and sliding properties of all tin bronzes.


CuSn12-C is most suitable for quickly rotating and demanding spiral and toothed rims. Loading base value for continuously loaded centrifugal and continuous cast spiral rims is C="2…12,5" N/mm2 .For temporary loading according to sliding speed the value is C="40…45" N/mm2. CuSn12-C is suitable for use as a sliding bearing especially when bearings must endure impact-like loading peaks (120 N/mm2), like in crankshaft- and toggle link bearings. It can also be used as sliding rails, in fast moving tension nuts under heavy load, in feed screw nuts of machine tools, cylinder bushings, ratchet- and guide bushings of rock drill machines, friction wheels, brake discs, couplings, etc.

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