PROMET Ms264, brass

Brass can be used as machine parts only when there are no great requirements concerning strength, corrosion resistance, weld ability, sliding properties, heat resistance and pressure endurance. The advantage of brass is its relative cheapness and good electrical conductivity among copper alloys. It is vulnerable against stress corrosion.


Used in pipe couplings and valves when the pressure is small and the temperature will not rise above +120 C. Used in ironmongery and decorative objects. Ordinary brass is not applicable in sliding bearings and it does not endure the corrosive effect of liquids in paper and pulp industry.


PROMET 5750, special brass

Tough and hard special brass known by name of steel brass, which has strength properties almost corresponding to Fe 50. It is corrosion resistant to sea water, for example, but it is vulnerable against stress corrosion. Sliding properties are moderate.


Used in worm wheels in cases where impacts are concentrated against the teeth and surface pressure is high, but sliding speed is small. Ship propellers, mixer blades. Nowadays the use is decreasing.


PROMET 5760, special brass

Special brass with great static strength and hardness. Endures less dynamic stress and vibrations than PROMET 5750.


Seats, cones, control pieces, and other parts which must be very strong. Use is decreasing.


PROMET 5775, special brass

Special brass with very high static strength and hardness, but endures dynamic stress and vibrations poorly. Elongation is minimal.


Used as bearings with very high surface pressure but minimal sliding speed, like in bridge bearings. It can also be used in rotating spiral rims and high pressure fixture shanks and inner parts. Use is decreasing.


PROMET NiAp 410, aluminium bronze

Better strength properties than in PROMET NiAp210.


Like PROMET NiAp210, but the alloy endures bigger surface pressures and loads. It is used in hydraulic extreme pressure fixtures as inner parts, in pulling and bending tools, in stone flange nuts of pulp grinders and equivalent.

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