Materials features

Strength properties of copper alloys

Strength properties in centrifugal and continuous casting are valid up to 50 mm material content.
0,2-proof strength N/mm2Tensile strength N/mm2Elongation A5 %Hardness HB
Gun metal51102501365
Gun metal71202601270
Gun metal3101302601575
Tin bronze101602801080
Tin bronze12150280590
Lead tin bronze1010110220870
Lead tin bronze71590200765
Lead tin bronze42080170650
AluminiumbronzeAp 11020055015130
AluminiumbronzeNiAp 21028065013150
AluminiumbronzeNiAp 4103807505185
BrassMs 264701801250
Special brassEMs575020050018120
Special brassEMs576026062014150
Special brassEMs57754807505190

PROMET-alloys nominal composition %

Gun metal585555
Gun metal782774
Gun metal31088102
Tin bronze109010
Tin bronze128812
Lead tin bronze1010801010
Lead tin bronze71578157
Lead tin bronze42075205
BrassMs 26465233
Special brassEMs57501611235
Special brassEMs57602601334
Special brassEMs57755633425

PROMET-alloys physical properties

DensityCoefficient thermal expansionSpecific heat capacityThermal conductivityResistivityElastic modulus
Gun metal58,9183757011095
Gun metal78,9193754511090
Gun metal3108,91837550160100
Tin bronze108,81837550160110
Tin bronze128,81837550190110
Lead tin bronze10109193755017080
Lead tin bronze7159,2193755017075
Lead tin bronze420------
AluminiumbronzeAp 1107,51740065120110
AluminiumbronzeNiAp 2107,61742040200120
AluminiumbronzeNiAp 410------
BrassMs 2648,4203751007590
Special brassEMs57508,2213758580100
Special brassEMs5760------
Special brassEMs5775------

Corrosioin resistance

The corrosion resistance of alloys has been shown in the table with evaluation scale 1 ... 5, where 5 means best resistance. Evaluation scale is meant for comparing copper metals only.
Air, fresh waterSea water salt brineSoap solution, alcalicWeak acidsStrong nonoxidizing acids
Gun metal554431
Gun metal754432
Gun metal31054442
Tin bronze1055552
Tin bronze1255452
Lead tin bronze101055452
Lead tin bronze71554442
Lead tin bronze42054442
AluminiumbronzeAp 11055454
AluminiumbronzeNiAp 21055454
AluminiumbronzeNiAp 41055454
BrassMs 26443211
Special brassEMs575044321
Special brassEMs576044321
Special brassEMs5775-----

Correspondance of standards

Gun metal5CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C (CC491K)1705 CuSn5ZnPb145204
Gun metal7CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C (CC493K)1705 CuSn7PbZn-
Gun metal310(SFS 2208 CuSn10Zn2)1705 CuSn10Zn145458
Tin bronze10CuSn10-C (CC480K)1705 CuSn10145443
Tin bronze12CuSn12-C (CC483K)1705 CuSn12145465
Lead tin bronze1010CuSn10Pb10-C (CC495K)1716 CuPb10Sn145640
Lead tin bronze715CuSn7Pb15-C (CC496K)1716 CuPb15Sn-
Lead tin bronze420CuSn5Pb20-C (CC497K)1716 CuPb20Sn-
AluminiumbronzeAp110CuAl10Fe2-C (CC331G)1714 CuAl10Fe145710
AluminiumbronzeNiAp210CuAl10Fe5Ni5-C (CC333G)1714 CuAl10Ni145716
AluminiumbronzeNiAp410CuAl11Fe6Ni6-C (CC334G)1714CuAl11Ni-
BrassMs 264CuZn33Pb2-C (CC750S)1709 CuZn33Pb2145144
Special brassEMs5750CuZn35Mn2Al1Fe1-C (CC765S)1709 CuZn35Al1145256
Special brassEMs5760CuZn34Mn3Al2Fe1-C (CC764S)1709 CuZn35Al2-
Special brassEMs5775CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3-C (CC762S)--

Information about corrosion resistance of copper alloys

Copper and all its alloys are very resistant to the following substances.

-all dry gases, with the exception of acetylene, which only brass can resist
-organic solvents, with the exception of chlorinated hydrocarbon, which brass resists poorly, but others quite well
-oils and liquid fuels and industrial products like, alcohols, asphalt, lacquers, linseed oil, plastics, etc.

Copper and its alloys, brass excluded, are extremely resistant to solutions and liquids of the following substances:

-alum, boric acid, formaline, sea air, creosote, milk, formic acid, sodium phosphate, washing soda, sodium sulphate, liquid glass, beer, tannic acid, soap solution, drinking water, condensation water, sea water, sewage water.

Copper and its alloys, brass excluded, are well resistant to solutions and liquids of the following substances:

-conditions in sulphite cellulose mills and paper mills, like climate, cooking acid, waste acid, washing fluids, damp sulphur dioxide, sulphurous acid, calcium bisulphite, acetic acid, ferro salines, phosphoric acid, fruit juices, carbon acid, damp carbon tetrachloride, damp tricolor ethylene, chlorinated lime, copper sulphate, magnesium chloride, milk acid, sodium carbonate, oxalic acid, oleic acid, sulphur, zinc sulphate, etc.

Copper alloys, brass excluded, are satisfactorily resistant to the following substances:

-black lye of sulphate cooking, bleaching solutions like sodium hypochlorite, chlorine solution and sodium peroxide, ammonium sulphate, aniline and aniline dyes, hydrofluoric acid, copper nitrate, sodium sulphide, zinc chloride, hydrochloric acid.

Copper alloys are not resistant to following substances:

-mercury and its salines, chromic acid, picrin acid, hydrocyanic acid and salines, that is cyanides, ferric chloride and –sulphate, ammonium and its salines.


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