PROMET 420, lead tin bronze

PROMET 420, leaded tin bronze EN 1982-CuSn5Pb20-C-GC/GZ, Ltp 120

Soft leaded tin bronze has the best sliding and emergency lubrication properties. It adapts well to edge pressure. Its friction coefficient is small with dry friction and it is best applicable in water lubricated bearings. Because it is relatively soft and plastic metal, it can absorb strange, hard particles, which otherwise would damage the shaft. It is very resistant to the corrosive effect of sulphuric acid. Excellent machinability.


For use in bearings of big, rotating reel ovens like pulp burning and cement ovens. For use in bearings of the heaviest earth moving machines, in insufficiently lubricated or water lubricated bearings in barking plant conveyors and similar. It can also be used in bearings where white metals were used earlier. PROMET 420 endures about 100 degrees higher temperature than white metal. It is also used in fixtures that are resistant to corrosion.

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