Keskipakovalu, significant machining supplier for large bronze parts.

Keskipakovalu Oy is modern bronze foundry and machining supplier. Usage of the latest technology ensure the efficient production and high quality of foundry and machined products.

Keskipakovalu has worked as a producer and supplier of different size and foundry products. Today the focus area of Keskipakovalu has moved speciality to producing and offering of mid- and large-size final components.


Keskipakovalu Oy is a reliable partner for machine manufacturers, forest industry and shipyards. We have got an approval from Lloyds Register Classification for shipbuilding and off-shore purposes. Bureau Veritas has certified our quality management system ISO 9001:2015. The partnership with Keskipakovalu is easy for the customer: long delivery agreements guarantee deliveries of foundry products and spare parts. In addition of that customer can get all product and production services as in-house. Products from our foundry are transferred directly to machining workshop of Keskipakovalu. Keskipakovalu takes care of full supply chain from the designing of the component to recycling of machined chips.

Comprehensive Service is the base of our operations

Keskipakovalu Oy is a comprehensive partner for the industry. Your Company is able to inquiry services from demand of products and qualities up to production and final deliveries. We are capable to estimate your coming demands to make them to our stocks based on agreements. Advance deliveries and recyclement of materials belongs to our additional services. Recycled materials are possible to reuse.

Values of Keskipakovalu are focus on customer business, cost efficiency and ecology. We respect the customer and environment. Therefore we are utilizing efficiently high quality and durable materials from certified suppliers.

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