Professional supplier of bronze castings for you demands

Keskipakovalu has specialized for bronze casting during the whole history of operations. Within the years the knowledge of machining of bronze, bronze parts and bearings can be seen as brilliant quality and knowhow.

We are focused on making of customized bronze foundry products for several kind of industry. The most important target of our activities is that customers have always needed components at their hands. We are keeping wheels ongoing at sea and land.

Customer can get the whole and large services from requirement analysis, material planning and order to final delivery. We are preventing coming demands of customers making products to our stock based on agreements. In additional services pre-order of products and material recycling belong to our services.

Our services are based on important values of us, like customer focus, cost-efficiency and ecology. We respect the customer and nature. Therefore we are using high quality and durable materials in our products.

We are listening customers and developing our services continuously by giving feed back from our bronze parts. Our service has been planned to meet the demands of customers.

Tailored bronze parts


Requirement analysis and offering of products

We are tailoring customer-based offers related to customer needs. We are offering the workable and cost-efficiency solution.

Designing and material support

Customers can get our long experience for their purposes. Supporting is wise to ask because we are able to give the most reasonable material and technical solutions. We are always producing and machining the best foundry products for several kind of needs.

Production and fabrication of bronze parts

We are proud of our 60 years long experience in the wield of bronze casting. Our employees are skilful experts who can handle bronze and casting technologies. In additional of final parts we are supplying suitable cast parts and ingots from which they are able to machine needed components.

Delivery process

We are delivering ready and final products fast and flexibly. We are taking care of deliveries based on agreements to Finland and abroad.




Minimizing risks of production losses and stoppages by pre-order of products and ensures that the product is delivered just-on-time to needed place to customer. Components is good to order in advance because they can be manufactured earlier for coming delivery and transportation.

Consignment stock

We are producing products and components in cost-efficient path size. Consignment stock can be established for customers based on agreement. Products can be sent to customer within fast delivery time or on demand. The main advantage of consignment stock for customer is to decrease their storing costs and minimize the time for long production stoppages.



Material recycling

We are taking and reusing valuable bronze parts and components as a raw material. Unsuitable and spent parts are recycled in our production and sent parts are compensated from the prize of new parts. We are able to purchase bigger slots directly from customers.

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