Expert of Bronze castings

Keskipakovalu Oy is a Finnish bronze- and metal foundry who has served industry for 60 years’ experience. Keskipakovalu Oy has established in 1956 and it’s field has been casting of bronze alloys using different kind of casting technologies and machining of final components.

Quality by focusing on Casting Technologies

From the beginning of Keskipakovalu we have focused on casting of high quality foundry products using the latest technology. Our target has been the pioneering attitude of employees: Keskipakovalu took as well continuous as the centrifugal casting in early stage because the sand-casting did not achieve the demanded properties of products.

Our production facilities are updated several times because we have wanted to invest in the newest casting technologies.

Controlled growth of Keskipakovalu

Business of Keskipakovalu has improved continuously from the beginning. Our revenue has stabilized to 5 m€ level.

Our production premises have been expanded by increased demand of machined components. The latest expansion was new and modern production hall for machining in 2012.

Based idea of improving of our business is that what we promise, we will take it correctly. Important principles are also good customer service and taking care of nature. Green values has rise more and more essential role. We are taking back old used bronze castings and parts from our customers that are reused in our production.

Foundry products of Keskipakovalu are one part of the future

The most leading mission of us is to help and consult customer in its demands of bronze parts, components and slide bearings. Glorious history shows well that Keskipakovalu has succeed and the company has got a good reputation among the customers.

Taking care of workmanship of our employees we are able to keep quality standards in high level. We like to keep wheel and axles of industry ongoing with our customers.

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