Cast practises

Continuous and centrifugal cast for different products


Our casting practises depends on products and from Keskipakovalu two different kind of method is used: continuous or centrifugal casting. Continuous casting is the latest technology in foundries for producing of round bars or tubes. An advantage of continuous casting is good surface quality of products and dimensional accuracy. Our product range of continous costing is in width 13 to 200 mm and in length upto 14 m. Crystal structure of continuous casts is defect free, it has not blow holes or segregations. Ingot is also pressure-tight and strength properties are good.


Centrifugal cast is done into rotating steel mold. Solidification of cast material is done under pressure causing a tight and unique metal structure. Centrifugal casting is proposed to use for producing of wheels and flanges. Smaller ingots are cast horizontally from the diameter 180 to 650 mm. Larger than those are cast vertically.

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